SOPHIE AIGNER | News at Home

Opening: Friday, 11 January 2013, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 12 January - 9 February 2013
Loris Gallery presents News at Home, an exhibition of multimedial collages by Sophie Aigner. The artist became a member of the Berlin artist-run gallery in 2012. Following an interval as a journalist, she resumed her art studies and is currently a student of Thomas Demand at the University of Visual Arts in Hamburg. 

Aigner’s work undermines the text-image relationship: the unity of sign and meaning (of signified and signifier) is deliberately breached, a separation that leads to fresh contexts. The viewer tumbles down the cleft as if into a canyon, at the bottom of which new perspectives emerge – except that the horiz

on is no longer visible. Aigner’s compositions sound out the link between the subjective and the objective, as well as that between the emotional and the theoretical. These collages are evidence of a reality that ultimately constructs itself from binary poles in a fragmentary manner. 

In Free Pussy Me, one of the works in this exhibition, Sophie Aigner approaches individualization strategies at the textual level, simultaneously demonstrating the brutality of the real and the pronouncement of a good life.

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